My Playground Graduate School of UGM Part I

Published January 30, 2012 by lily191

It’s vacation and obviously I don’t know what to do so I just walked around our university and yupz… I chosen Graduate School of UGM as first place must visit…. Why? Actually, I took money from ATM and ha333 I spent more time here to observe… 100% I don’t know it’s west side, north side, east side, or south side, but I really realized it’s outside….

Mushola Apung Pasca Sarjana…. Post Graduate Floating Mosque

UI (Universitas Indonesia/Indonesia University) has Teksas Bridge… UGM also has McD Bridge… yummy

Floating Mosque and Curved Building

Floating Mosque from West side.. I guess ha33

Curved Building (View from McD Bridge)

Planet Monument???? McD Bridge

Stairway to Heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nope… Stairway to reach Curved Building

McD Bridge (View when you saw it from Stairway)

I’m not so good in English…. Forgive me for it…. ha333
Credite Photos : It’s mine :p


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