About Me

Hello, all. Nice to meet you ^^
My nick name is tya
I like Korea, but love Indonesia….
I’m Javanese, love my ethnic but I hate racism….
I’m Jaengael fan of @mjjeje Kim Jaejoong ——-> Cassiopeia love TVXQ (Homin & JYJ) , Primadonna, Inspirit and so on.

Real name : Setyaning Pawestri
My Korean Name : Kim Hyun Jae
Birthday : 4 May 1991
University : Universitas Gadjah Mada
Major : Fisheries Science of Technology
Hobby : listening music, making script, writing fanfiction, reading novels and manga
I’m otaku hahahaha…. ^^
Motto : Life is adventure, so live your life…. hahaha… Remember Jaejoong lah…. hahaha

Let me introduce my Princes….. I’ve 3 Princes….. The Best Princes Forever…. I just said, Puzzle of Lily’s Heart not Puzzles cause they’re one ehm…. hahahaha My Princes Forever…..

From three Princes…. He is my favorite (opposite from above…. gagaga #plakkk plin-plan)….. Handsome, Cool, Cute, Amazing, Adorable,

Everytime we meet, the picture is complete
Everytime we touch, the feeling is to much
He’s all I ever need to fall in love again
I knew from the very start
Oh, he is puzzle of my heart

I’m Indonesian even I like Korean…. Indonesia is the best country in my heart. ^^
I’m narsism… yeah maybe. Hahaha my friends teach me live my life…. ^^ so I’ll always smile and survive ^^


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